About Crown

Of every house-made juice out there, Crown is the MVP.

With an extensive collection of over 40 flavours, Crown has something delicious for every vaper.  From the rich sweetness of your favourite baked treat, to the refined and satisfying taste of exotic tobacco, Crown brings you the best flavours on the market, without the premium price tag.

Our Process

Crown E-liquids are made from premium quality extracts and ingredients. They're created in-house, taken through a meticulous production process, and tested carefully in our 2000 square-foot Clean Room Facility.

Our advanced capmatic technology allows us to produce millions of bottles per month, right from our home base at Gilla Vape Brands. That’s how we keep our liquids at top-notch quality, and our prices impressively low.

Our Collections

We know that choosing the right juice is no easy task. That’s why we created two equally amazing collections -- Silver and Gold.

The Silver Collection

Silver liquids are ideal for vaping newcomers and veterans alike. With a 60/40 VG PG ratio, Silvers pack a punch of bold flavour, and a throat hit that’s just right.

Silvers come in these four categories:

  • Tobacco
  • Fruit
  • Menthol
  • Mixed Drinks

Silvers are straightforward, satisfying, and meant to be savoured. The impressively authentic and long-lasting flavours are, without a doubt, the true all-stars of this collection.

The Gold Collection

When it comes to quality juice, this collection’s in the major leagues. At 70/30 VG PG, Golds are designed to delight even the most sophisticated vaper. Golds deliver thick, dense clouds, complex flavours, and delicious lingering aftertastes.

The Gold Collection comes in three categories:

  • Candy
  • Fruit Blends
  • Desserts

For Golds, guilt-free indulgence is the name of the game. These juices boast layers of mouthwatering flavour on the inhale, and billowing plumes on the exhale. Needless to say, they’ll definitely leave you on cloud nine.