Vaping … You’re Doing it Wrong

Vaping … You’re Doing it Wrong


Well, now that we’ve got your attention; today’s article isn’t to teach you how to vape in its simplest form, it’s to share with you all the cool vape tricks you may be missing out on!

These tricks could be the kick start you need to do something great; just ask Michael Lee from Toronto who took his vaping skills to France got Talent and got all 4 judges to say yes!

We’re sharing with you the same tricks that took him to the global stage. If you’re a little camera shy no worries, share these tricks with your friends or keep it to yourself and make for really cool Instagram selfies; your pick!

We’ve broken these famous tricks down into 3 or 4 easy steps:

The infamous Smoke Ring

It’s not actual smoke, it's vapour, let’s get that out of the way first. Have you ever seen anyone blow a ring of smoke out after pulling on their e-cigarette and watched it twirl away once it was let out. Well you don’t need to be watching from the sidelines anymore, we’ve got you covered.

The old tap on the cheek, eh?

  • After pulling on your e-cigarette, let the vapor gather in your mouth(don’t inhale)
  • Push your lips to form the shape of an O
  • Blow some of the smoke out slowly while tapping your cheeks

Don’t go ghost on me

The ghost inhale may not even seem like a smoke trick at first when you see someone doing it; in fact it may look like someone who has probably never vaped before and is figuring out the ropes.

Despite how it may seem, this one trick isn’t as easy to master and takes a bit of focus.

  • Similar to the first move of the smoke ring; let the vapor gather in your mouth for a few seconds
  • Open your mouth like an O and slowly let the smoke come out (don’t force it out)
  • When you see the ball of smoke, suck it back in

It seems like the things we love the most have already been snagged and stamped as french; French Fries, French Toast  .. I’m sure you know where we’re going with this ..

The French Inhale

For those mysterious looking Instagram photos (and probably snap chat videos) featuring a smoke trick; 8 times out of 10, (unless you’re dealing with some professional vapers) this has been it. It’s so popular, there’s actually a song about this style of inhale.

  • Pull on your vape pen or e-cigarettes and try to keep the vapor inside your mouth
  • Push your bottom lip out further than your top lip so that when you blow the vapor out it will go out and up.
  • Lightly inhale the vapor through your nose

After seeing one of these performed its easy to see how this trick got its name; the vapour actually engulfs the ring to make a jellyfish figure and it resembles it even more in its movements. This hard to master but easy to love trick had to make our list! Here’s how it's done:

After some practice with making smoke rings you should be able to try your hand at this fun trick.

  • After pulling from your e-cigarette (this should be pretty strong as you’ll need a thick ring)
  • Take another quick hit and exhale into the middle of the ring to create a jellyfish effect  

The Tornado

This would probably be a pretty crazy trick to do if you had to create a tornado using your mouth ….. imagine a lot of awkward tongue twirling. This is the only trick we’re featuring in this blog that requires you to use your hand instead of your mouth and while it seems pretty easy, it’s all in the technique.

  • Pull on your device as much as you are able to and Inhale.
  • Blow the vapour slowly out onto a flat surface
  • Drive your hand straight  up into the air quickly (this will cause the vapour to rise and spin like a tornado following your hand)

Thanks for checking out this week’s blog! Let us know if you tried any of these tricks and how it worked out! … until then, Happy Vaping!



Written by Ashley Chambers
Edited by Chris Tran 

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  • Ashley Chambers