Predicting some serious cloud coverage

Predicting some serious cloud coverage


Vaping as a Sport

E-Cigarettes have only really been popular for a few years and with the growth of this industry, comes a vaping ‘culture’.  Vapers all over the world are connecting through social media; seriously, just try to check out the amount of vaping groups on Facebook, companies are targeting young adults by ensuring they’re stocked with the latest gadgets and gizmos for e-cigarettes and the industry is always improving and updating their own lines in the industry.

Did you ever think with the launch of e-cigarettes and vaping that you could turn it into a sport .. possibly even a money maker? Well, depends on how intent you are on entering competitions. Yes, it’s true; you may have known about it before and maybe you’re already a competitor, but for readers of this blog who are totally puzzled and are wondering how this works, let’s take a look.

You don’t need to be very athletic, or even in the best physical shape; just be able to take deep breaths (as far as the physical work of your body goes). This very intriguing sport is called cloud-chasing.

The vapor that is blown out after someone inhales from their e-cigarette is called a cloud,  and these clouds are judged based on how big and how dense they are to determine the winner.

These clouds are usually blown against a black ‘ruler’ which will allow judges and spectators (or cloud gazers) to see how big the cloud is.

How to get those big clouds?

If you’re pretty familiar with the ingredients in an E-Liquid and how they work, you may know that e-liquids with a higher vegetable glycerine base (VG) will give you thicker clouds. Cloud competitions, however, typically will provide the e-liquids to the competitors to ensure a fair competition.

If you’re a cloud gazer or just interested in these competitions to see the vapers compete, you may have noticed  Box Mods or more customizable e-cigarettes being used. These customizable vaping e-cigarettes can actually allow you to maximize your cloud by customizing your wire coil.

(A number of wraps and how it's wrapped can give you more cloud. This is not for amateur vapers however. )

Maximum power gives maximum cloud; Increasing the watts will generally give you bigger clouds but you have to proceed with caution. More power means more heat, and if the battery in your e-cigarette is not built in, you have to manually work out the safest level for you to draw from your battery so that it is still safe for you. It gets into a bit of physics here so maybe read up on that if you’re thinking about doing this.

Cloud Chasing is a competitive sport and if you’re new to vaping it requires practice to be prepared for a national competition. In the meantime there’s always fun tricks to practice with your e-cigarette while you work on your lung capacity; until then, Happy Vaping!

Written by Ashley Chambers

Edited by Chris Tran

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  • Ashley Chambers