5 Unexpected things that happened when you started Vaping

5 Unexpected things that happened when you started Vaping


#1 - You got schooled!

You know the old saying from high school, “i’m never gonna use this in the real world,” well hopefully you weren’t saying that in physics class; the makers of these Box mods and vaping devices made sure of it. If you’re not yet at the level where you had to relearn some physics, get ready for it! …. (we promise it's worth it)  

#2 - You didn’t need to cave in to satisfy your cravings

There are so many dessert flavored E-Liquids, you can actually just vape whatever flavor you’re craving.You don’t need to hold back anymore; release the treats! The Vape Chef has tarts,cakes, shakes and more.

#3 - Something smells great!

I’m sure that’s a saying everyone could get used to! … E-Liquids smell like the flavors you’re pulling on..whether it’s fruity, creamy, desserts or drinks … give em’ something to remember.

#4 - You want to run for office

Or maybe not? But you probably are more aware of new government regulations, especially those regarding smoking and vaping laws. Keeping yourself up-to-date with what's happening in the system is so important for everyone in the vape industry. 

#5 - You turn statements into lectures

Well, when someone says vaping and smoking are the same thing, you just try to educate them as to why it isn’t...that’s all. After all, knowledge is Power!  


Did anything else surprise you, when you started vaping, leave a comment and let us know. Until next time, Happy Vaping! 


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  • Ashley Chambers